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Statistical Science & Philosophy of Science:

Where Do/Should They Meet in 2010

(and Beyond)?

21-22 June 2010 London School of Economics (CPNSS)


Session Speakers and Participants

Max Albert (Justus Liebig Univ) Jose Bernardo (Univ.of Valencia) Nancy Cartwright (LSE; UCSD)

Sir David Cox (Oxford) Sir David Hendry (Oxford) Christian Hennig* (Univ.College London)

Deborah Mayo† (Virginia Tech; LSE) Stephen Senn (Univ.of Glasgow) Kent Staley* (St. Louis Univ.)  Aris Spanos (Virginia Tech) Jon Williamson (Univ.of Kent) John Worrall (LSE)

*Panel Leaders

Learned Faculty/Reseachers

Luc Bovens (LSE) Damian Fennell (LSE)  Jouni Kuha (LSE) David Makinson (LSE)

Eleonora Montuschi (LSE) Federica Russo (Univ. of Kent) Jan Sprenger (Univ.of Tilburg)

Katie Steele (LSE)  George Zouros (LSE)

Doctoral Students & Postdocs

Emrah Aktunc (Virginia Tech) Bengt Autzen (LSE) Joanna Burch Brown (Cambridge)

Jonny Blamey(King's College) Katrin Hohl (LSE) Stan Larski (LSE) Jean Miller (Virginia Tech)

Dean Peters (LSE) Jacob Stegenga (UCSD)

Attendee of 2008 Mayo PhD Research Seminar (Philo) at LSE




Main Sponsor: The Foundation for the Study of Experimental Reasoning, Reliability, and the Objectivity and Rationality of Science (E.R.R.O.R.S.)

Other: Virginia Tech: Departments of Philosophy & Economics

Second Virginia Tech-Kent Workshop on the Foundations of Statistics

First Forum of the Virginia Tech-LSE (CPNSS1) Error/Evidence Collaboration


Organizers: Deborah Mayo and Aris Spanos

Conference Logisticians: Jean Miller & Emrah Aktunc

CPNSS Administrative Assistant: Victoria Dyas

Special Program Adviser: David Cox

                          1Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science


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