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Deep Structure



Friday April 29, 2011

Experimental Knowledge


 The Deep Structure of the World

A One-Day (invitation only) Forum*

Blacksburg VA


Session Participants

Peter Achinstein (Johns Hopkins)

Zvi Biener (Western Michigan University)

Alan Chalmers (University of Sydney)

Victor Difate (Johns Hopkins)

Deborah Mayo (Virginia Tech)

Lydia Patton (Virginia Tech)

Aris Spanos (Virginia Tech)

Kent Staley (Saint Louis University)

John Worrall (London School of Economics)

Graduate Students

from D. Mayo’s Phil 6334: Experiment, Induction & Modeling

Cristin Chall, Jonathan Dixon, Matthew Dougherty,

Elc Estrera, Nick Perich, Eric Svetich


from the University of Virginia

Ashley Kennedy, Charles Rathkopf



(Primary) The Foundation for Experimental Reasoning, Reliability and the Objectivity and Rationality of Science (E.R.R.O.R.S)

(Additional) Department of Philosophy, Virginia Tech

Organizers: A. Chalmers, D. Mayo, A. Spanos

Forum Logisticians: Mike Mazza & Jean Anne Miller

Forum Program & Tech Support: Emrah Aktunc & Aris Spanos


 *Information contact: D. Mayo (;

M. Mazza (; J. Miller (



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