PhilErrorStat: LSE: Three weeks in (Nov-Dec) 2011

Today (Nov 23) was the first, very informal, meeting of our ad hoc group---the best kind--, just to get some idea of scope and interests. Thanks for the suggesting this, and for the interest; and thanks to Nancy Cartwright for alerting me to it.

We will meet on Nov. 30, and Dec. 7, 12-1:30.
We will subsequently meet in Room 1.03 in T building (I checked with Dyas)*.
We might try to squeeze in a 4th meeting between Dec. 8 and 10, during which time, hopefully you’ll give me your feedback on a not-yet written presentation on How I Broke Through the Breakthrough (on the SLP)---not the real title--- for the Madrid conference.

Nov. 30:
For next time, we said we’d try to cover the following:

(i) ~first 18 pages of Mayo and Spanos (2011), “Error Statistics”, introducing statistical tests, error probability assessments, and the first #1-3 criticisms of tests (attached). Pages 153-174.

By way of overview, we also said we’d make our way through some of the contributions to the conference (LSE, June 2011) in Rationality, Markets and Morals (from RMM), Special Topic: Statistical Science and Philosophy of Science: Where Do (Should) They Meet in 2011 and Beyond?

December 7: Tentative

Mayo and Spanos (2011), pp. 174-195.

The group can decide whether it wants to read Senn and/or Gelman (from RMM) for the third meeting.

Additional meeting (if there is one): Dec 8-10

(1) Background

(2)(1) Short sections from Cox and Mayo (2010) [from Mayo and Spanos (2010), ERROR STATISTICS: Recent Exchanges on Experimental Reasoning, Reliability, and the Objectivity and Rationality of Science]

Sufficient statistic 284-289; Weak Conditionality Principle WCP: 294-298

(2) Ch. 7 III. Mayo: 305-314.


(3) Many reference to the Birnbaum proof are available, if you want to have as background (it's just a page or two): A good source is

Casella and Berger (2002), Statistical Inference., 2nd ed., Duxbury, Pacific Grove, CA.

(4) Any notes I have cobbled together for my presentation (Ian might send his around as well)

Feel free to share this with anyone you think might be interested.

Thanks much; feel free to share questions, etc. through the week. I may post some items related to our group on my blog (
D. Mayo
*I will order up Dominoes pizza just like I’m in the U.S.---except that I would usually get Jean to do it. Please let me know, though, the day before our meeting, if you plan to come (and preferences).

Misc Notes, etc. (tbp (to be posted))

Testing Recipes